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Posted: 01-07-08 11:15 pm
by Nicholas
NOTE: Updating this is much easier (and uniform between the Windows and Mac version of Synthesia) since the config tool was introduced in version 0.7.4 and 0.7.5. Any posts below that refer to the Windows registry or Mac plists are out-dated. The proper way to set these up is through the config tool as described here.

The following have been provided by the community to setup the in-game software keyboard to use different language (typing) keyboards. I can't test these myself, so they're provided as-is, but hopefully they'll be useful.

If you would like to provide a mapping for another keyboard, post here and I'll keep the top-post updated.

To use any of these, hold Shift while launching Synthesia, select "System.SoftwareKeyboardMapping" from the list and then paste the following into the "Value" box. That's it. The next time you run Synthesia after closing the config tool, the software keyboard should be bound to the correct keys for your keyboard.

US/UK English (default):

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German AZERTY keyboards:

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German QWERTZ keyboards:

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Swedish keyboards:

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Danish keyboards:

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Italian keyboards:

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French keyboards:

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Posted: 01-23-08 10:58 am
by tommai78101
Here's a reference to most keymapping layouts:

Posted: 01-30-08 7:05 pm
by Michael
As far as I know has Germany QWERTZ keyboards. So I made a keymap for it (dunno if it is 100% correct but I'm really confident it is).
German QWERTZ keyboards
(266 Bytes) Downloaded 2425 times
Okay also made a US DVORAK keymap.
US Dvorak (Dvorak Simplified) keyboards
(130 Bytes) Downloaded 2345 times

Posted: 05-08-09 6:46 pm
by febs
Here's a working file for italian keyboards. So far I haven't seen any other layout than this on any PC in all of my life; so I think this one will work for everybody.


Posted: 11-05-09 7:51 am
by jexbe
Open the notepad and copy all text below (without lines):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Software Keyboard Mapping"="123456789ABCDEFGHIJK"
paste it in the notepad
setup your keyboard as you wich like this (just replace letters by keys to be used)
letters JK will change the keys position (J=left - K=right)

save this file as Keyboard.reg then double click to activate it

Posted: 03-21-10 5:20 pm
by Nicholas
Let me add how to update these on a Mac, too. All you have to do is open a terminal window and type the following (using the same scheme from the image above):

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defaults write com.synthesia "Software Keyboard Mapping" "123456789ABCDEFGHIJK"
Obviously you'll want to replace the "1234..." part with the actual keys on your keyboard you'd like to press.

Posted: 06-15-10 1:53 pm
by cairnz
doing this in osx

Code: Select all

defaults write com.synthesia "Software Keyboard Mapping" "awsedftgyhujkolpøæzx"
results in this from defaults read com.synthesia

Code: Select all

    "Software Keyboard Mapping" = "awsedftgyhujkolp\\U00f8\\U00e6zx";
Looking at the .plist i see this

Code: Select all

mido^P^T^@a^@w^@s^@e^@d^@f^@t^@g^@y^@h^@u^@j^@k^@o^@l^@p^@ø^@æ^@z^@x^@^H^@K^@Z^@d^@q^@<89>^@<9e>^@²^@Í^@Ú^@ï^A^K^A&^A;^AE^AS^Al^A<80>^A<95>^A­^AÈ^AÞ^Aô^B^O^B0^BL^Bh^B<81>^B<97>^B¤^B»^BÑ^Bí^C^C^C^E^C  ^C%^CC^CJ^Ca^Cc^Cº^@^@^@^@^@^@^B^A^@^@^@^@^@^@^@*^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^Cå
As you can see the ø and æ is in the plist (when viewed through vi)

I'm downloading the developer tools now, so to try the plist edit thing gui, maybe it doesn't translate the unicode crap like terminal does.

Posted: 06-15-10 2:06 pm
by cairnz
That didn't help much either. Keyboard playing on my shiny macbookpro can't access the higher two whites. :sad:

Posted: 06-15-10 6:02 pm
by Nicholas
Hmm... I wonder if it's an encoding thing. If there is some alternative to the \\U00xx notation... I'll have to peek around.

Eventually when I make it to "User-assignable Input" (currently #7 on the list), I guess I'll have to store key codes or something instead of the characters. If anything, it'll have to get more sophisticated because you'll be able to assign MIDI controllers (knobs, jogs, wheels, etc.) and (maybe) even game controller input to whatever. So, it'll be a more interesting construct storing this stuff to begin with.

Posted: 06-16-10 3:53 am
by cairnz
I've only had the mac for a day and a half so i haven't figured out all the quirks yet, but in windows you can have multiple languages defined and per-application layout setting. Is there anything similar to mac? if so, I could set it to be US layout so that the keys "translate" to the same as the default setup.

Posted: 06-16-10 11:58 am
by Nicholas
cairnz wrote:... in windows you can have multiple languages defined and per-application layout setting. Is there anything similar to mac?
That's a fine question for someone that knows more about OS X than I do. ;)

Posted: 06-20-10 10:11 am
by cairnz
I added the US keyboard, started synthesia, tasked out, changed the norwegian flag to USA flag and ; and ' is now getting typed instead of ø and æ. Not too convenient, but nevertheless it's a workaround :)

Posted: 06-20-10 12:35 pm
by Nicholas
Hehe, that's a super inconvenient work-around. :o

Posted: 10-09-10 10:47 pm
by Nicholas
(Updated the top-post with new instructions now that the config tool exists and makes this easy and uniform on both platforms.)

Posted: 11-28-10 11:58 am
by Strainer
The keyboard mapping for germany has one mistake, the z button is mapped twice, here is the correct version:

Code: Select all


Posted: 11-28-10 3:18 pm
by Nicholas
Thanks for the correction! I fixed it in the top post.

Posted: 04-03-11 1:00 pm
by Lemo
Hello everyone
Keyboard mapping for french keyboards

Code: Select all


Posted: 12-11-11 5:38 am
by Toxic338
It seems I am too stupid to do that. ^^ Well, there is no "System.SoftwareKeyboardMapping"... I don't find it at the Advanced Options. There are only:
"Bank Selcet" Fix
SysEx messages
Discard notes that never end
Use a unique channel.... AND
"Hard" reset MIDI

PLeeeeease help me, I need the german keyboard... That's annoying -.-

Posted: 12-11-11 2:36 pm
by Nicholas
Toxic338 wrote:I don't find it at the Advanced Options.
There should be a scrollbar on that list. There are dozens and dozens of advanced options. The software keyboard one is near the bottom.

Posted: 12-11-11 2:43 pm
by Toxic338
No, there isn't... ':(