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Posted: 12-11-11 3:05 pm
by Nicholas
Oh! I know what you're talking about now. Those are the in-game options.

When I mention the "Synthesia Configuration" utility, that's a completely separate program. If you used the installer to get Synthesia, the config tool should also be in your start menu along with Synthesia. It's a special tool that gives access to all the gritty (even more) advanced settings than the in-game options screen does.

Try to find that and hopefully you'll spot the list I was talking about.

Posted: 12-12-11 10:49 am
by Toxic338
Aha... Yeah, you're right! Thanks a lot!

Posted: 03-09-13 5:45 pm
by AyhanAslan
Turkish (Q keyboard):

Posted: 05-04-13 10:13 pm
by guilhermeb95
I need a configuration with the keys : awsedftgyhujkolpç~zx
how can I get it?

Posted: 05-06-13 5:15 pm
by Nicholas
It should just be a matter of pasting that set of characters into the configuration tool, the way it's described in the first post of this topic. Are you having trouble with any of those steps? Thanks!

Posted: 09-12-18 4:22 pm
by ShoushaJr
Hi, i can't find that keymapping thing
all i have in my config settings are Midi Auto volume and bunch of other stuff

Posted: 09-12-18 4:45 pm
by ShoushaJr
ok i found it but how to map all of the 88 keys?

Posted: 09-13-18 6:45 am
by Nicholas
Just keep making it longer (by adding letters from your keyboard) until it's 88 keys long. :)