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Post by dukieee » 09-24-10 5:48 pm

I havn't had the money to buy the learning pack, but next week I will get some money

Is it worth getting? I like the game so far without it, it's a good game :)
And are there monthly updates and will those be free for those who purchase the learning pack?
I mean, if there is any updates for just the learning pack

It's late now so I'm sorry if I misspelled and that you understand my question :)

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Post by Nicholas » 09-24-10 5:53 pm

dukieee wrote:Is it worth getting?
I think so. ;)
dukieee wrote:And are there monthly updates and will those be free for those who purchase the learning pack?
Yeah, new Learning Pack features are released (nearly) every month and buying the key once means you get all of those forever.

Feel free to try out the features with the built-in demo songs by clicking the "Learning Pack" button on the main menu inside Synthesia.

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Post by dukieee » 09-25-10 5:01 am

It's great about the regular updates and everything is free after you buy it

Never notice there was a learning pack demo in the game
Always thought it was there you could buy it :P

But I tried it, and I loved it
So as soon as I see my money on the bankaccount I will buy the learning pack :)

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Post by phiktion » 09-25-10 11:57 am

Yes its worth it.

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Post by MaxC246 » 09-25-10 2:17 pm

Definitely worth it. I can't imagine using Synthesia without the learning pack. Hands down the best money I've ever spent on a musical teaching tool.

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Post by TonE » 09-26-10 4:51 pm

Synthesia with Learning Pack is the only game ANY CHILD needs, forget all other computer games. Here you can even learn something useful while playing and having fun. :) Ok, you can still play your other games, too, if you want.

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Post by dukieee » 09-28-10 7:05 am

Just paid for the Learning Pack

Easy and very fast to get the key
Thank you for making this wonderful game :)

Now I just need to find more piano midi, having hard time finding them =/
Mostly are with other sounds aswell but I just want piano

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