FingerPiano eerily similar to Synthesia for iPad

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Post by Nicholas » 10-16-10 11:51 pm

Maybe now I won't have to make one. ;)

Still too many keys for my taste. the iPhone version of the original FingerPiano app did too. To fit that many, you have to make them far too small. It's not very authentic.

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Post by phiktion » 10-18-10 12:22 am

I got the app don't like it to much, but Nicholas have you seen this?
Synthstation 25 by Akai supposedly its going to let app makers use there keyboard with a iPod or Itouch

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Post by stephenhazel » 10-21-10 11:57 am

I don't understand why synth makers are making all these 3 octave keyboards??
It's not just me, right? These things ARE truly useless, aren't they?

Just like putting an app on a machine with a fingernail sized screen...
Whyyyyy ??

Oh, hey, I just had a great idea.
Let's make a cell phone with only a single row of 8 LEDs.
And we'll give it a piezo speaker with no DAC, the API will only let
you play a frequency for X millisecs. Monophonic.
Then let's find suckers I MEAN DEVELOPERS to write apps for it.
And suckers I MEAN SUCKERS to buy it and try to find a use for it.

Come on. I've got a pc right here. It costs less than your cell phone.
It sits on top of my piano and has a monster sized screen and a
midi interface and a high quality DAC.
I want to practice piano, not play guitar hero ;)

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