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Post by birdbrain » 10-16-10 10:23 pm

Hello all,
I havent purchased it yet. But I want to.
I want to know what features will be enaabled with the purchase.
I dont see points in the free version, it doesnt seem to care if i play correctly or not.
stuff like that.

Thank you for taking the time, even if you can just point me to a page that describes all this stuff.

thank you.

Also, will this be a one time payment or will there be charges in the future to keep this product cabable.

Thank you again.

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Post by phiktion » 10-16-10 10:47 pm

paid version is definitely worth it, it has practice mode which will allow the music to stop till you hit the keys and much more just get it you will be glad you did

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Post by Nicholas » 10-17-10 12:01 am

The bulleted list on the Learning Pack page has the complete list as of right now.

It's a one-time payment. Things added to that list in the future will be free upgrades for you. The same key works across versions.

As for scoring, that should be in there right now. You have to set at least one track to "Played by You" instead of "Played by Synthesia".

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Post by birdbrain » 10-24-10 1:27 am

Thank you for the great guidance. I spent some time away from hammering keys to look through all the options and am now scoring by choosing a track to be played by me . Great fun. Its killing me that I cant access all the options (still on the free version).
My wife will purchase me the key on my birthday. Because of this I cant wait to get older this year.
Thanks for how capable it is as a freeby.

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Post by birdbrain » 07-26-18 7:12 pm

Revisting my very first post. Nostalgic and narcissistic LOL :mrgreen:
I think it was that very birthday that I purchased Synthesia. :lp:
About 4 years ago I got the tablet version and a lighted casio keyboard. :idea:
So much fun. :lol:
Thank you :!:
Back to hammering away at Bach 2 part inventions. :D

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