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Synthesia wiki

Posted: 02-08-11 5:44 pm
by DC64
The Wikipedia site for synthesia needs to be updated a bit.
(logo, info ect...)
Not the one at the top of the screen but the one in the actual wikipedia.

Re: Synthesia wiki

Posted: 02-10-11 6:37 am
by MostlyHuman
Actually both wikis are quite empty.

However, the Synthesia's wiki could really use some love.

It would be great if you could either do changes without having to log in, or at least have a way to link the forum account with the wiki account so you don't have to log in twice. (to avoid evil edits you could always implement a 2 version for each page, the most recent and the last approved - for certain pages the user would see the last approved to avoid evil edits).

Namely, there are many interesting tips in the forum that were not added, or are not present in the wiki.

The wiki also lacks visibility, for instance the keyboard recommendations page should really be in the wiki so everyone can list what works and whatnot. Or at list a link to the wiki for a more complete list of keyboards (and you should also list those keyboards you have since those will be known to work as long as you have them).

EDIT: even the FAQ should be in the wiki... there is a FAQ page, a FAQ thread in the forum, and an almost empty Frequent Problems & Solutions in the wiki.

Re: Synthesia wiki

Posted: 06-11-11 10:29 pm
by kickininthefrontsea
Hey friends

I just revamped the wiki

* note it's easy to login in just use the same username and password as the forum

* Revised home page

* Introduced Categories, add a category tag to the bottom of every new page with either




please jump in and add your bit

Nicholas it isn't linked from the home page
maybe understandable before, it's better now ;)

Re: Synthesia wiki

Posted: 06-11-11 11:22 pm
by Lemo
Hum good idea I should write in that wiki some day too :]

But I dunno maybe that's too much text for the main page now?
I think people already know what Synthesia is about as they probably visited the home page before

Also about the recent scanning software topic, it may be a good idea ask more people before adding it to the wiki
Even if someone says he prefers one software, another may say the opposite, I guess it's a matter of taste (personally I like SmartScore more)
Here is some topic for example that could help us make a list of pros/cons for each one

Lot of new stuff in Finding new songs!
By the way what was that mysterious Fravia's Technique listed in "Other Techniques" before

EDIT: maybe we should move those posts and continue this topic in the main one

Re: Synthesia wiki

Posted: 06-11-11 11:48 pm
by DC64
I have started mine. (a little late though)
And sadly for me the "c" is lowercased in my name, I would like to get that fixed to uppercase "C" sometime.
I would be glad to help revamp the Synthesia wiki page. ... =User:Dc64

Re: Synthesia wiki

Posted: 06-11-11 11:52 pm
by kickininthefrontsea
ok, more talk can goes there if it matters, at least i didn't start another thread ;)

don't worry about case, wiki's do weird things with it
don't forget the users tag when it's done (and remember it's never done)

Re: Synthesia wiki

Posted: 06-12-11 2:10 pm
by Nicholas
I've been on a trip for the last few days, checking in here whenever I could find a computer. Back home proper tomorrow.

Anyhoo, that's a ton of great work kickininthefrontsea. I was kind of waiting for a critical mass to build in the wiki before I linked to it from the main site. It looks like now is the time. Thanks!

Re: Synthesia wiki

Posted: 06-12-11 7:52 pm
by DC64
@ Nicholas
Hope you have had a fun vacation.

Re: Synthesia wiki

Posted: 06-13-11 1:38 am
by kickininthefrontsea
Your welcome Nicholas

I added a few requests over at viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1967
In your own time, I just wasn't sure if that board was hidden from your notifications, it doesn't come up on my recent posts etc.

Re: Synthesia wiki

Posted: 06-14-11 2:35 pm
by Nicholas
DC64 wrote:Hope you have had a fun vacation.
Caves and mountains and rain forests. It was a good time.

Re: Synthesia wiki

Posted: 06-14-11 11:08 pm
by Nicholas
kickininthefrontsea wrote:I just wasn't sure if that board was hidden from your notifications, it doesn't come up on my recent posts etc.
I use the feed to keep track of new stuff. It seems to show everything.

(Man, I go off-topic a lot! :D )

Re: Synthesia wiki

Posted: 06-14-11 11:16 pm
by DC64
Wow it went from:
Synthesia wiki to changing name to vacation to RSS feeds. wow. :?