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Post by aria1121 » 08-10-11 3:18 pm

Alternate Synthesia Launcher v1.2r2
AltSynn (short for Alternate Synthesia Launcher) is an opensource batchfile I made as a replacement for Synthesia's songlibrary.

AltSynn is a (*.bat) batchfile, designed to run on Windows 7.
It also runs on DOS/NT but using it so is quite useless. Windows 7 is fully supported, but in the batchfile there are some commands used that may not work (properly) on Windows XP/2003/Vista. AltSynn may not run in emulators like DOSBox.

Please note I don't maintain this project anymore until later, when I have some time to rebuild it.
The ZIP contains the batchfile.
Note If not using it on Windows 7, try using Console; open Console and drag'n'drop AltSynn in its window and hit [Enter]; it should run. It may not run in a regular CMD by opening it normally, because some of the commands won't work on a specific version of Windows. Also this can't be ran in an emulator.
(2.54 KiB) Downloaded 305 times
Latest SynDOSCFG dev-status:
- Some URL's shortened so it can be opened with a regualar "start" command

Upcoming features:
(Currently none)

(Source removed, check it out yourself)
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Post by aria1121 » 08-11-11 1:18 pm

Sorry guys, I can't really find all of the commands, try to figure out how you're gonna do it, Microsoft doesn't really seem to care.
Why don't they put just all commands available on all OS's?

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Post by aria1121 » 08-11-11 1:47 pm

After a bit of googling around I found out that you should use Console to run it. Instructions: Download it. Then open it. Type AltSynn's path or drag'n'drop it in the window. Hit [Enter]. Meanwhile that's solved.

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Post by aria1121 » 08-13-11 2:57 pm

Notice that the watched folders' settings are only saved when closing properly by returning to the mainmenu then pressing [E].

Edit: Maybe I'm going later make a nice AHK UI out of that, some time.

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Post by aria1121 » 08-14-11 2:07 pm

I started making an AHK UI. ;)
Edit; I willl kinda really start making some serious stuff if asked for (I have not much time anymore to work)

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