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Post by AlexHHHHHH » 02-27-13 8:32 pm


I guess someone has asked before, but I could not find exactly the answer in the forums. I purchased the Learning Pack and for convenience, look at using an iPad instead of my Mac with Synthesia.

1. Do I need to purchase in-app the learning pack again?
2. Can my scores/ratings/progress so far on my Mac be somehow transferred to the iPad?

Thank you!

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Post by Nicholas » 02-28-13 1:25 pm

There is an answer to your first question on the FAQ page, here.

For #2, there isn't a way to do it today (or at least not one that doesn't require a jailbroken device). I'm thinking a nice way to tackle that problem in the future is tying more of that kind of progress to some profile that lives on the Synthesia servers so you can take it with you on any device you use Synthesia on.

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Post by AlexHHHHHH » 02-28-13 7:56 pm

Got it, thank you!

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Post by shinpanda » 04-14-13 10:49 am


i don't know my learning pack key. i retrieve it and also need an email address but when I entered my email. it doesn't work.
and it appears like this:

Couldn't retrieve Learning Pack key. You may have entered the wrong email address. Try again with a different email.

my question is what should I do to have a learning pack key?

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Post by Nicholas » 04-14-13 10:30 pm

Can you remember any other email addresses you might have used instead of your current one when you first got your key? Try any email addresses you can think of in that form.

If that doesn't find it, email support@synthesiagame.com with as many details about your purchase (month/year, which payment method, whose name was entered, etc.) and we should be able to help track it down.

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