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Posted: 07-02-13 6:33 pm
by RachelWyllie
Hello i am new to learning the piano and i got this software and it says i need a code and i was wondering if anyone can give me the code please? :?

Re: code?

Posted: 07-03-13 4:37 am
by marthart
Hi you need to go to the page you downloaded from and buy the "Add Learning Pack"

Only $29 and probably the best buy on the internet :D

You can try it without though.


Re: code?

Posted: 07-03-13 12:34 pm
by Nicholas
Yeah, the unlock is totally optional. The plain, free version of Synthesia has plenty to keep you busy for a while.

Still, if you're interested in trying the other stuff out though, look for any of the songs with the little open-padlock icon in the song list. Then you can check out melody practice, sheet music, and the rest. If you like what you see, you can purchase the unlock code, here.