Casio Privia PX-500L

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Post by MaxC246 » 02-06-14 2:12 pm

I've read great reviews about this keyboard. Turns out Casio stopped making it for some reason and didn't replace it. I'd like to try to find a used one. If I do, can anyone tell me if Synthesia will support the lighted keys on it?

It seems to me that a weighted, lighted key digital piano along with Synthesia lighting the way would be an ideal teaching scenario. No more looking up at my screen to see the notes.


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Post by Nicholas » 02-07-14 2:44 pm

Hmm, the forum's search box leaves a little to be desired. Searching "PX-500L" doesn't find anything but "500L" does. Weird. :?

In any event, a couple years ago it looks like someone was using the PX-500L's lights successfully with Synthesia, here. (Even better, the problem they had has since been solved since Synthesia 8.4.)

So, with any luck, the lights on that model still work in Synthesia. In general, I haven't heard of a single lighted keyboard that doesn't work, so you're probably safe.

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Post by MaxC246 » 02-07-14 3:32 pm

Thanks Nicholas! I could have sworn 500L was one of the searches I did, but obviously not. Now on to find one of these illusive beasts!

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