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Posted: 10-05-14 4:08 pm
by sadbutrad
Hi, I recently downloaded the Synthesia program and I was wondering, is there any way I can edit a MIDI file and then export it as a new MIDI file? Like to edit notes or instrument types and then save it to my computer or convert it to an mp3 file. I'm not sure if it's possible but I would really like to know. Thank you!

Posted: 10-05-14 9:30 pm
by kiwi
It's possible with any midi editor or daw like cubase,ableton live,tracktion reaper,energy xt,mulab or some free alternatives.

Posted: 10-05-14 10:56 pm
by Nicholas
Yeah, Synthesia is a player-only at this point. (We've actually made the very conscious decision to never change an existing MIDI file under any conditions. I've been frustrated in the past when an editor wiped out a bunch of good data in a song, so I vowed Synthesia would never cause that problem for others.)

Good free MIDI editors include: Sekaiju, Musescore, and Finale Notepad.

Posted: 10-06-14 3:11 am
by revilo2
I agree with you, but adding a recording tool (midi or not) in Synthesia's FreePlay Mode would be very usefull....

Posted: 10-06-14 3:29 am
by TonE
No, route your notes from your playing device e.g. via MidiYoke and MidiOX to another port which can go to another software where you can record. MidiOX can record itself by the way. Simply activate its log feature, select text format, use the ready command line tool for converting this text format to midi format. There you have your played midi file. Not satisfied? Still wanting it inside Synthesia? Start thinking in more directions, not being fixed and limited. Thinking is good. :)

Posted: 10-06-14 3:30 am
by TonE
kiwi wrote:It's possible with any midi editor or daw like cubase,ableton live,tracktion reaper,energy xt,mulab or some free alternatives.
Yes, best is by far Reaper, only as a side tip, who want to listen to TonE's advise. 8-)

Posted: 10-06-14 12:12 pm
by kiwi
Reaper is not the most user friendly ^^.But have many options

By the way about the suggestion to record session in freeplay mode i think it's a good idea no need to have a built in editor but just a recorder like in pianotec5 who indicate: number of notes, the lenght and the date.

Posted: 10-06-14 1:15 pm
by TonE
Yes, of course, Synthesia can build in the thousands of features which are available already elsewhere, very easily, to be a partial copy of those programs, yes, this is possible. Is this time well spent? In my opinion, no. Nicholas can decide, as always.

Posted: 10-06-14 2:03 pm
by kiwi
I am agree with you Tone that's why i only request a simple recording feature without editing,quantization or anything.If it's a huge work for Nicholas i understand it's a time wasted but if it's not too hard it can be good.

Posted: 10-06-14 3:13 pm
by Nicholas
I do try to focus on things that are unique to Synthesia. Duplicating effort always feels like a tragedy.

When we do dip into editor-like features, it's because they're inconvenient or missing from other editors (track splitting) or super trivial to add (transpose).

Posted: 10-07-14 4:20 am
by TonE
Does Synthesia have transpose, already? I know this from Van Basco Karaoke Player, which can be nice if you want to play along a string instrument, when the midi has a different tuning, so tuning the midi is easier then. Van Basco shifts the displayed notes, too, of course.

Posted: 10-07-14 4:41 am
by Nicholas
Per-track, whole-octave (+/-12 half steps) transpose is coming in the next development preview.

Finer-grained (+/- 1 half step) transpose will come later.

EDIT: I changed my mind.