Rob Costlow great New age pianist

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Post by kiwi » 02-27-15 3:02 am

Maybe many of you know him but i had just discovered his beautifull music so if you like New age style lets check it out!

His website:

Enjoy the music ^^

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Post by Dave12 » 02-27-15 10:16 pm

Thanks for posting, have not heard of him, just ordered "Reconstruction".

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Post by Nicholas » 02-27-15 11:52 pm

This is a funny coincidence: a few years ago Rob Costlow was actually associated with a product that competed with Synthesia. (It was even built on top of Synthesia's old, open source code.) Since then, that product is no longer sold.

That was the first time I'd heard about Rob's music. I like it, too.

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Post by kiwi » 03-01-15 3:57 am

I have asked him to sell the midi files played by him with his sheets music but he has said "wav to midi" programm can do the job :)
I think many synthesia user 'll buy them if they where played by himself.

He send me a piece maid with a wav to midi i 'll check it out but i don't think it 'll be good...

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