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Posted: 03-10-15 7:49 pm
by AndImStillAlive
Question for those using a full size digital piano with Synthesia.

I am currently using an old 61 key keyboard with Synthesia, but I am considering a digital piano. Currently, I just drag the keyboard over in front of the computer every time I want to play, but with a full size digital piano, I'm thinking that won't work so well. So, for those that are doing this, how do you set it up? I mean, do you just drag the piano in front of the computer monitor every time you want to play?
Do you have a special setup? I do have an extra monitor, so I could use that for the piano.
Any ideas? Pictures would be awesome if you have any! :)

Thank you,


Posted: 03-10-15 8:25 pm
by Nicholas
This is the worst cropped picture ever (impromptu and the piano was not the main subject), but this is the setup I use. I just moved and I haven't had a chance to rebuild the piano workstation in the new house yet. So I don't have a nicer photo.
worstPictureEver.jpg (31.23 KiB) Viewed 2789 times
This is what I'd describe as an extreme solution. That old Yamaha P-70 has a little Intel NUC that sits behind the 27" touch-screen. There is a monitor arm holding everything up so I can shimmy it right above the keys. Then, (using the touch-screen) you can adjust the keyboard zoom so it matches the physical keys exactly. At that point you just hide the on-screen keyboard and the falling notes fall right to the physical keys.

More extreme: use a projector. I prefer the brightness of a monitor more than projectors, but even a pico projector could cover the entire 88 key range easily.

Less extreme: an iPad fits right on a music stand and is super portable/convenient. Touch screens are also nicer than having to drag keyboards and mice with you. That's my actual recommendation. :lol:

Posted: 03-11-15 1:36 pm
by AndImStillAlive
Thank you for the picture Nicholas!

Those are some interesting ideas! I didn't realize Synthesia was available on iPad, that would be my ideal solution. Unfortunately, I don't have one (maybe someday) ...
Right now, I only have a Kindle :(

I think I will just go with setting up my second monitor back behind the piano.