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Low End Tablets

Posted: 05-31-16 11:47 am
by trevordavies
I needed an inexpensive tablet for a pupil preparing her Initial Piano Exam, so I tried a JY 7' Tablet from Amazon retailing at £26.99 (free postage on Prime). It comes with 8gig memory (expandable) and all the adapters/connectors you need to connect to a USB source. Synthesia runs beautifully on it. Android tablets are so much easier to set up than Apple products.
First they don't need a special (expensive) connector.
Second, you can upload from a memory stick.
Third, if you link through dropbox the pupil gets live updates: much easier than sharing files through iTunes which have to be re-synced to get updates.
Fourth, you don't need to purchase the full app separately.
Fifth, they are a whole lot cheaper.

I also tried a Tabtronics which struggled with Synthesia, but it struggled with anything part from video.
Thanks Synthesia!