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Post by marthart » 06-29-16 12:12 pm

I just cant get the hang of setting up a loop so I can practise part of a song. I have searched the site and done a google. Can anyone point me to instructions ?

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Post by marco95 » 06-30-16 7:11 am

In the news v10.2 :
Toggle loops on/off with the "/" key.
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Post by kiwi » 06-30-16 10:01 am

In the top right screen there's a loop button on the transport bar.

Activate it then drag your mouse with right clock on the timeline the orange part is the loop.

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Post by Nicholas » 06-30-16 10:43 am

Yeah, when you click the loop button like Kiwi just described, the instructions are presented right on the screen.

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Post by marthart » 06-30-16 3:00 pm

All I get are a lot of box's that open up on the keyboard area, they look like you can select something as they have arrows pointing sideways but I cant make them do anything.

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Post by Nicholas » 06-30-16 5:27 pm

Are there words in the boxes? It should say "Drag in the timeline to create a loop."

That's really all there is to it: once you've clicked the loop button, just click and drag in the timeline. That section of the timeline will turn orange. Synthesia will repeat the orange section over and over.

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