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Post by silvrica » 08-27-16 7:29 pm


I have a problem with the Video Creator. The settings I am using in Synthesia are nos kept when I get the webm video. See pictures below.
The first picture shows my settings in Synthesia. I do not want to see falling notes. Only the sheet music and the keyboard. The second picture shows what I get using the Video Creator. The falling notes appear in the video. I do not understand why I am getting the falling notes.
Synthesia setting.JPG
Synthesia setting.JPG (119.76 KiB) Viewed 1655 times
Video webm.JPG
Video webm.JPG (97.62 KiB) Viewed 1655 times

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Post by Nicholas » 08-27-16 9:04 pm

Hmm, I'm curious why it's not pulling your sheet music size correctly between the two. That's definitely a bug.

Otherwise, it definitely looks like it's not respecting the "hide falling notes" global setting. That would be an oversight on my part, sorry. I'll add both of those to the list of improvements for the next video creator release.

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