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Recording Songs within Synthesia?

Posted: 09-21-16 3:55 pm
by TheWrittenWorld
Just bought the Unlocked version of the software and I must say I'm really excited to start using it. But I wanted to know if there was a way to record my own songs within Synthesia? I'm working on an indie project that I want to put music in and if I can do it myself, that'd be great. Granted, I've always been much more of a music listener than I have been a creator... In other words: I'm a noob... I have a Yamaha keyboard all ready to use, but I can't seem to find a way to record my own music within this software yet. Is there anyway I can do that?

Any help I can get would be appreciated.

Re: Recording Songs within Synthesia?

Posted: 09-21-16 4:33 pm
by Nicholas
So, Synthesia is only a practice tool to be used once a song already exists. There aren't any recording features built it.

But! There is good news: the reason I chose to focus exclusively on making a practice tool is because of the plethora of really good, free MIDI editors out there. Sekaiju, MuseScore, Finale Notepad, and Aria Maestosa are just a few. Each of them are completely free and they can all save or export a MIDI file that can be used in Synthesia.

Re: Recording Songs within Synthesia?

Posted: 09-21-16 9:20 pm
by TheWrittenWorld
I've looked at a few softwares that caught my eye but either the downloads didn't work or they're just too costly for my current budget.

The ones I've looked at so far include:

Aria Maestora - the download didn't seem to work, the window froze and in a panic I closed it and had to scan my machine just in case.
Anvil Studio - way too expensive for the 'accessories' and very limited in it's free version form

I'll definately check out a few of the other ones you mentioned and edit here if I manage to find one that will work. Thank you for your suggestions

Re: Recording Songs within Synthesia?

Posted: 09-23-16 1:41 pm
by kiwi
Use Tracktion 5 it's free you just need to register.Very powerfull very easy to use and pleasant looking too...
go to for further info ;)

Re: Recording Songs within Synthesia?

Posted: 12-08-16 10:07 am
by marekj
With an objective to to create a working MIDI file, after many trials Aria Maestrosa has worked for me. Sekaiju has proven too complex, I could not set up ports properly with many trials, others did not work, as I guess I am a beginner and could not figure it out. MuseScore is not really a MIDI recorder.

Re: Recording Songs within Synthesia?

Posted: 12-08-16 4:44 pm
by miek
I use muse score if I want to use my keyboard to play the notes in. It takes a little getting use to (like you need set whether you're putting crotchets or quavers by using a keyboard short cut before you play the note). Plus you can play back the score you created to make sure it sounds right too.

I also think that musink is quite good if you know the notes and just want to put them in by mouse/keyboard because it automatically adjusts the notes to the correct length.

Then I convert them to MIDI and play them in Synthesia :D

Re: Recording Songs within Synthesia?

Posted: 12-09-16 12:17 am
by Nicholas
Neat, I hadn't heard of Musink before. That looks very nice.