Habaneras from Carmen - fingering suggestions

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Post by Pianotehead » 02-12-17 5:41 pm

In measure 10, I think it's better to use left finger 3 for the D, but move quickly to finger 5, while still holding the note, because there is not much time before the next bass line (D-A-D = DAD!) starts. As it is now, finger 2 is suggested, but I suggest finger 3 instead.

In measure 32, in the treble clef, I suggest having finger 1, for the G, and finger 2 for the A. It seems more logical, since the next note is C# further up the treble clef, with finger 4, so it is pretty close to the A before. The thumb under technique is needed for the G, since finger 2 was on the F#, or that's how I play it.

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