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Post by phoegh » 03-29-17 11:42 pm

I made a MIDI file with multiple parts(each part named) from Sibelius, when I import it into to synthesia they didn't include the names of the original midi tracks. Is there a way for me to view the original track names in synthesia? Also, it looks like it didn't import the drum set midi track correctly. I was looking for a drum set part in synthesia but I couldn't find one. Please help!

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Post by Nicholas » 03-30-17 5:10 pm

Regarding track names, those aren't shown in Synthesia. A long-running convention for MIDI files is to use the track names as a kind of "notes" field, where each track would be named using the next line of whatever description the author wanted to relay. Because track name is often (I would almost bet the majority of the time!) used that way, it didn't make sense to associate that text with each part inside Synthesia.

For the drum part, try to set it to use MIDI channel 10 if you can.

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