Points system in Synthesia

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Post by danaswarb » 06-09-17 1:10 pm


I am interested in understanding the exact parameters of how points are awarded in Synthesia. Is there a document that outlines how early is too early, or how late is too late for a note press. Or how are points subtracted when there is a key press error versus a timing error. How is the maximum number of points in a song determined?

All help would be appreciated!

Thank you!


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Post by Nicholas » 06-15-17 11:09 pm

This is a little outdated at this point (e.g., holding notes their full duration no longer has any effect in melody practice, etc.), but we used to have a pretty exhaustive description of the scoring algorithm on the old (now decommissioned) wiki.

Here is the most recent version from the Wayback Machine.

Max number of points in Melody Practice is always 10,000. It is unbounded in the other modes.

For exact timing of the different kinds of praise, we discussed that recently over here.

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Post by danaswarb » 06-19-17 11:10 am

Thank you so much Nicholas! That wiki was very helpful.

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