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Postby itsabrandnewday » 08-16-17 11:32 am

Hey there, I'm new here, my name is Monika and I've got an electric piano which is Korg SP 170 S. It has MIDI OUT only, so I guess I can connect it to my computer with cable MIDI OUT to USB, but the question is: will it work with Synthesia? Anyone here with this problem, too?
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Postby Nicholas » 08-16-17 3:00 pm

Yes. MIDI Out from your keyboard is the important direction. That means Synthesia will be able to "listen" to your notes.

MIDI In is nice to have but not critical. It lets Synthesia send background notes out to your keyboard so it can be played by its speakers instead of your computer's speakers. That's about all. It is safe to say that MIDI Out is enough to get 95% of everything Synthesia has to offer.
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