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Post by arthurwhite » 12-27-17 5:43 pm

Dear Forum members,

I was looking to play hymns in synthesia, but I am unsure which ones are hymns.

For example I like the hymn "we three kings" but I recognized it as a hymn due to the tune (and not the title or label).

Is there a way of grouping the hymns in the list of included songs? or maybe having a tagging mechanism so we can tag a song with more than one group (hymn, modern, german etc.)

Thank you! and thanks for this product!

p.s. is there a website that people may go to , in order to get classic hymns (with both left and right hands encoded). I am a real beginner so any help would be great. I can barely play the easiest song "ode to joy" without my entire arm beginning to ache. I switched from the guitar because my hands/fingers were too weak (I switched from the regular sized guitar to a tinier mini guitar but ...) . What is going on ? I have seen little girls play music, and I have man hands! (I think, atleast hands/arms that are bigger than a girls). I mean I have seen diminutive Asian girls (from the far east) play ... I am a marathon runner and swimmer (what is up with the arm aching?)

p.p.s when I just download the midi it is not labelled and it seems like a rapid descent of very complicated dots and bars and there are not notes to read from ... so is there a website that has things labelled please? preferably free?

I went to and honestly like even the children's songs is way more complicated than ode to joy. Is there a way of finding like really easy to play songs ? please? thanks!

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Post by Nicholas » 01-10-18 3:01 am

I'm not sure about the arm aching. I would double-check with a few "piano posture" videos on YouTube (or elsewhere) to make sure your ergonomics are correct. Even a quick Google Image search for "piano posture" turns up lots of useful diagrams on the first page of results. In particular, your arms shouldn't be very far out in front of you. Elbows at your side, etc.

Regarding hymns, the built-in songs only have a little metadata associated with them. You can type some of the composer names into the search box, but that's about it.

Once you do have some songs you'd like to categorize or tag, the Synthesia Metadata Editor is the tool you're looking for. This page has lots of info on the subject.

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