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Post by st5555 » 01-25-18 10:20 pm


I got a Yamaha EZ-220 for Christmas and purchased Synthesia the same day.
I have zero experience in keyboarding or music in general, but have been practicing everyday due to the fun nature of Synthesia.

Anyway, I was browsing the music store and was wondering if those midis have the left-right hand notes set up. I've downloaded a few generic midi's but at this point setting up which notes are for which hand is beyond my level of expertise. I'd be much more apt to buy some songs if I knew they were all set for Synthesia.

It would also be nice if the song list had a listen preview button as I don't know what many of them are. The difficulty level icons are a great help though to enable me to pick only the "easy" ones.

I was a bit disappointed when I discovered the Square Enix Collection folder did not include the Final Fantasy Prelude midi (I like FF7 Prelude the best). I downloaded a generic version and it sounds and looks wonderful in Synthesia, but I have no idea what fingers I'm supposed to use. It's beyond my ability at this point anyway so I just watch/listen to it.

Thanks for making a great product and making music fun!
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Post by Nicholas » 01-25-18 10:22 pm

All of the songs in the store are split into left/right hand and include finger hints.

(Remember: your unlock key also doubles as a promotional code in the music store for a $3 credit. :) )

We would like to add audio previews to more songs (the two free songs have them), but it changes the licensing a little. We have to negotiate preview rights from each publisher individually (vs. the licenses we're able to use for the MIDI files themselves, which can be obtained more easily for any song).

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