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Posted: 11-16-09 12:22 am
by frop
i havent tested these with the game, because i was just playing it for a while, kinda want to stop looking at computer screen XD

but anyhow here is some christian song midi files i found =]

Posted: 04-25-10 11:11 am
by Solarstar

No idea how i found it the first time. There should be a big fat link in the mainpage. I almost lost it again :idea:

Posted: 06-01-10 8:27 pm
by Nightwing
Hey Nicholas, I posted a great site to compose and download MIDIs you should check it out. :D

Posted: 06-01-10 8:37 pm
by Nicholas
I did. :D

For others, it's over here.

Posted: 06-02-10 9:00 am
by TonE
If you want to practice Hanon and Czerny exercises with Synthesia, here they are: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1794

Posted: 09-07-10 2:20 pm
by Audric
I use the Ichigo's Sheet Music This site has anime/games musics.

Posted: 10-05-10 6:14 am
by mutzel
juancarvp wrote:hey guys do u know where can i find the midi for "watching lara"??
I recently added this song to my YouTube channel (see description for a link to the MIDI-file):

Posted: 11-02-10 6:12 pm
by Mgbu
I download any kind of music (to play, no to learn) from and from (spanish and need to register for free)
Also Ive uploaded 3500 MIDIs (some in spanish) in ... pload.html

Posted: 11-16-10 10:14 pm
I think that is one of the best sites used to find modern, popular songs. They have all different kinds of artists, songs, and genres. Not to mention that it is a really nicely polished site. They also have some Movie Themes and National Anthems. You guys should check it out. I get most of my songs from there.

Posted: 11-27-10 10:40 am
by Typhlosion
I think has a lot of midi sites listed (even with a little description).

Posted: 11-27-10 12:57 pm
by DC64
I figured if you have the learning pack but want to have it on paper you can write it down on a special type.
(if you're good with handwriting)

You can put all natural clefs that are usually played,and it has the time signature 4/4 or 3/4 ect..

I know there is other sites that do that allot easier but i like this anyway. (I recommend this one)

Posted: 01-28-11 7:20 am
by mitchells00
akiramuyo wrote:I just found a great resource for piano MIDI's. Seems to have thousands and all of them are free to download.

I really must place some emphasis on this site, is fantastic for popular music!

My list of most used and relied upon MIDI resources:

Anime: First stop for all anime related stuff! It's mostly sheet music, but quite often there is a MIDI or a MUS to go with it. If not, and you have enough time, you could copy by hand the notes into a program like Finale (the paid one) or MuseScore (free!) and save the midi file. (Remember to separate left and right hands on to two different tracks!) This is a pretty neat little resource too. Has quite a few little fringe animes. Nice collection here too. This is actually a Youtube channel dedicated to synthesia demos of MIDIs made of KyleLandry's performances and improvisations ( The midi files are linked in the descriptions of the videos.

Vocaloid: (not quite anime, and big enough for it's own category) General MIDI deposit, many are simplified. This one's a bit more complicated, but if it's there, it's usually much better quality. On the right is a menu with the beginning consonant/vowel, (YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW THE JAPANESE NAME OF THE SONG TOO!) so look over there, and you will see a list of links underneath ( is just a japanese youtube). If you're lucky, (like I was with ダブルラリアット "Double Lariat") you might find a link in the video's description (you have to register to view the video, but not the description) usually accompanied with a password immediately before or after it. Good luck with this one, it's rare, but exceptional quality.

Games: Most games with memorable music will have a few midi's here, there's also a small anime section. (The Sims piano songs in Build and Buy modes are always a favourite!) Extraordinarily comprehensive Final Fantasy MIDI and sheet music one stop shop. Final fantasy Piano Collections midis from Square (Enix) themselves!! VIII, IX and X have midis (not VII however...).

Classical: I'm not even going to begin to list, it's public domain so it's everywhere. It's better if you know what you want to play... look at what people play on youtube and then google the name, composer and "MIDI"... you'll find what you want.

MUS are proprietary files similar to midi (nicer sheet music formatting though, so it's often used). You can get a free little MUS to MIDI converter here: called "Quick MUS -> MIDI file converter v2.0"

If you're learning or practicing how to read sheet music, I strongly recomend you get software like MuseScore (linked above) and make random midi files using crotchets ♩ ("quarter notes" for you americans) along the part of the scale you need to know (up to 2 ledger lines above and below both treble and bass clef at least). Remember to make it progressively harder, start off with progressive ups and downs, then same with certain spaces, then gradually get more random. also at some point throw in sharps and flats and just keep practicing and practicing (make the sheet music the biggest it can go, no looking at the piano roll!) and you should eventually get the knack of it :) (I think I might add that in as a feature request, random generation of notes for reading practice with difficulty levels.)

So yeah, hope this helped! :)

Posted: 01-28-11 6:40 pm
by DC64
Another link to a great player:

Posted: 01-31-11 6:00 pm
by TonE
Maybe I should write a tutorial how to download more than 2GB (giga bytes) .mid files with a single click, which you can never listen to fully in your whole life.

Required tools would be only:
- google, our searching tool
- brain, to know how to search in google and putting the results into "midisites.txt"
- wget, to download all at once
- autohotkey, to make it a single click operation, see code below

Code: Select all

#SingleInstance force
SendMode Input
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

RunWait, %comspec% /c ""%A_ScriptDir%/wget.exe" -r -l7 -H -t1 -N -np -A.mid -erobots=off -i midisites.txt > "wget_output.txt"", %A_WorkingDir%

Posted: 02-01-11 12:43 am
by aria1121
Isn't wget also a command for linux to get download software packages?

Posted: 02-01-11 3:12 am
by TonE
Yes, there might be multiple versions for all kind of operating systems. For Windows you can try following link:

Posted: 02-01-11 7:08 am
by Nicholas
Yeah, there's a Win32 version that comes with MSYS, too. That's the one I use.

Posted: 03-16-11 10:52 am
by glovewildplaces

Posted: 03-18-11 3:39 am
by Noth
If you are, like me, a Touhou Fan.

You'll be happy to learn that there is a Almost Complete Midi library for it's music.

The themes are listed below "WIN版" with each game separated.

Posted: 04-17-11 3:24 pm
by abstracte
There are some good ol' angelfire sites still up from 2001-era
I'll add more as I find them

TIPTOP midi (Pop: Ace of Base, Alanis Morissette, Bryan Adams, Baha men, Who Let the Dogs out etc)

Best Classic Rock Midi (Neil Diamond, Everly Brothers, Kansas, Ben E. King)

Robert's Midi jukebox (Pop/rock: Cranberries, Beach Boys)

Doc & Becky's Midi music room (defunct but archived at Web Archive) ... 17328.html

SaturnSoft (has some great mixes of some children's songs as well as classical/pop)