synthesia cant read this midi

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Post by GlitchFindR » 07-07-09 12:53 am ... tpOjM7fQ==


i get error: type 0 midi should only have 1 track :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

why this happened to me i love this music

this is a mod version of it ... oyO2k6Mzt9

can i convert mod to midi?!

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Post by soryy708 » 07-07-09 4:50 am

I know the reason why it says so.
Looking like the MIDI file contains no 'MIDI Output'... I guess its built of VST and/or other samples, but not 'MIDI Output'.

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Post by Nicholas » 07-17-09 4:07 am

So, technically it's an invalid MIDI file. It's violating the spec by including more than one track when "Type 0" literally means "I'll only have one track". The MIDI editor I use (an old'ish version of Cakewalk) refuses to open the file.

That said, there is no reason I need to be that strict. The only difference between type-0 and type-1 files is the one-track limit. I just disabled the error message and the file loaded fine.

So, you should be able to open it in the latest development preview (r639). Let me know if you have any more trouble.

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Post by GlitchFindR » 07-27-09 1:55 am

thanks man!! :D

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