Can only watch, can't practice.

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Post by Bryher » 07-04-18 11:50 am

Hi new the forum here. Just purchased a midi file online and was able to open it in synthesia on my iPad.
The problem is there doesn't seem to be a way to "practice" the song. Only watch it and turn on off the different Instruments.

This is the first time I've paid for a midi file. Maybe that's the issue?

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Post by st5555 » 07-04-18 1:16 pm

Below the Watch and Listen Only box should be:
Hands, Colors, and Instruments.
Click on that.
The bottom left box may say: Background, Custom, Left Hand or Right Hand.
Click on it, and if it says Background, select Left or Right hand or even Custom.
Once you get that set up, you should be able to practice it.
Midis we download can be tricky to set up in Synthesia until you get used to it.

Hope this helps!

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Post by Bryher » 07-04-18 11:25 pm

That worked! I was afraid there was a limitation with some files.

Thanks so much!!!

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