The emancipation of Synthesia

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Post by Angelos58 » 07-23-18 5:50 am

Syntesia has great potential for teaching and learning even classical piano.
Unfortunately the score is completely unusable.
I'm amazed that we continue to prolong the wait for support for the Music Xml format, which others already (PianoMarvel for example) adopt.
It would also be important to make small interventions on the score even from within Synthesia.
Until that moment the program will remain a videogame.

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Post by Nicholas » 07-23-18 8:33 am

I'm a little confused by this post. I don't see any statements that seem very related to your subject line. To the best of my knowledge, I don't think any users have caused the wait to be prolonged for MusicXML. And it seemed a little like the word "videogame" was intended to be disparaging, when some of my best friends are videogames. :lol: Like we were just discussing over here, games have a monopoly on some of the kinds of reinforcement mechanisms that keep you coming back for more. There are people that make a compelling argument that games make the world better.

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Post by st5555 » 07-23-18 8:42 am

I've played video games since they were invented.

My attraction to Synthesia was due to its video game elements.

I've dabbled in many piano software learning tools, but always come back to Synthesia.

If it wasn't for Synthesia,learning to play the piano probably would have been a passing fad for me, but due to Synthesia's challenging and fun format, I still use it everyday.

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Post by Angelos58 » 07-23-18 10:03 am

I like videogame too. Better say, I loved, because my age.
So nothing against videogames and videogamers. But I play classical piano music and found Synthesia a potential good instrument.

Maybe, my expectations are different from yours and the future of Synthesia goes towards video games and not musicians.

I apologize, but it's a shame considering the potential of software!

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Post by Nicholas » 07-23-18 10:20 am

I'm also getting older and finding myself playing them less.

Otherwise, I do try to strike a balance. Like I mentioned in the other thread, it's challenging when everyone is passionate about their own pet feature. It feels a bit like being pulled in every direction at once, unable to make anyone happy.

An orthogonal concern -- that of velocity -- is something I've talked about a few times before. I am only a human being and I also balance what is best for the project with what is best for my own health and even lifestyle. Sometimes I feel a bit like I'm holding the project hostage by keeping the team so small, but it is a (very) strong preference of mine. In the entire history of the thing, I don't think I've ever invoked "it's my project, so I'll do whatever I want with it!" but the small team size (and resulting glacial pace) seems like it comes about as close as anything else ever has. I am sorry for the disappointment!

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Post by Angelos58 » 07-23-18 10:33 am

Nicholas, it is only my opinion not a reproach.
The developer makes choices that I can like or dislike.
If I do not like them, I choose another one.
I wanted to express my appreciation for the potential and my regret for the limits that I believe are easily overcome.

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Post by jimhenry » 07-23-18 1:20 pm

Angelos58 wrote:...regret for the limits that I believe are easily overcome.
I think this is the real issue. Seemingly simple changes can be quite difficult to do in a piece of commercial software. It is hard to know what changes are hard and what changes are easy from the outside. Although it is clear that supporting MusicXML and doing a good job of displaying sheet music are hard changes. Even if changing the scoring was an easy change, which I don't think it is, it would require stopping the work on MusicXML and sheet music display. Nicholas has said that scoring improvements are coming. But only after the MusicXML and sheet music display changes of version 11.
Jim Henry
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Post by Angelos58 » 07-25-18 2:29 pm

I simply think that Synthesia could be a very appreciate plug-in for Musescore, Sibelius, Finale, Logic Pro.

But ... the world is full of different points of view!

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