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Posted: 07-28-18 10:39 am
by RasmusKallas
I have a laptop and a desktop and I reinstall Windows really often. Is there any way (even copy paste works for me) to syncronise my progress and fingering (if it is not saved in the midi file) between my computers?

Posted: 07-28-18 12:02 pm
by Nicholas
1. Hold your Shift key while launching Synthesia (to open the configuration window).
2. Click the "Open Data Folder" button.
3. Be sure to close the configuration window before changing anything!

That's the folder you're looking for. Copy the dozen or so files in there from one computer to the other (after following the same three steps on that side) and everything should be replicated exactly.

Posted: 07-29-18 4:49 pm
by RasmusKallas
Can I set up automatic sync (as soon as a file is changed, will be uploaded to MEGA (in this case) and as soon as possible sent to the other computer)
Since the computer it will be synced to will not have synthesia open at the same time?

Posted: 07-29-18 11:21 pm
by Nicholas
I don't see why not. You could do something with a service that watches the drive for activity (by, say, symlinking the folder from Dropbox) to make it completely automatic.

Synthesia is pretty good about only writing the files once at app shut-down (and only reading them once at start-up), so there shouldn't be any strange behavior.