Undo Changes in Synthesia

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Post by myPiano » 09-15-18 2:01 pm

Hi all
I downloaded a midi file
I made some changes with Hands Colors and Instruments.
Now I want to play the original file, but all I get is the chnaged file.
I deleted it from the directory, and downloaded it again - no use, Syntyehsia keeps playing the changes file over and over no matter what.
Since there were 19 instruments in the oroiginal file, I can't change it bak myself since I don't rememeber which instrument played what part.

What can I do?


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Post by Nicholas » 09-15-18 8:07 pm

Check out steps #8 and #9 in this guide. If you drag the Reset icon to "All Parts", it should set everything back to how it was originally.

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Post by myPiano » 09-16-18 7:57 am

Thank you so much for helping!

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