Keyboard for toddler? Recommendation?

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Post by samhouston1111 » 11-01-18 4:17 pm

Howdy! I'm brand new to Synthesia, just stumbled upon it on YouTube.

I've read the Keyboard info and searched the forums for a recommendation regarding a keyboard for a toddler.

My toddler is 1.5 years old demon of destruction who is capable (I believe) of disassembling & destroying anything but a concrete bunker.

However, she does have placid periods when she'll peacefully 'read' a book...

So, my ideal objective is to find a relatively rugged (toddler resistant) keyboard with keys that light as an instructional aid.
If this keyboard eventually perishes under my toddler's onslaught....well....I'm willing to pay that price for some early exposure to music.

Thanks for any ideas

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Post by Nicholas » 11-08-18 4:12 am

I know what you mean. My own 2.5 year old can cause a lot of damage in a remarkably short period! :lol:

This is actually kind of a tricky request. The most robust keyboards are generally the bigger, more "professional" models with weighted keys. (At the highest level, pianists can rail on the keys pretty hard themselves!) That said, those are exactly the kinds of piano models where you won't find lighted keys, which are normally considered an entry-level or beginner feature.

If it were me, I'd probably stick with the lower end (say, Yamaha's EZ-220), plan to do some policing while it's in use, and hope for the best. The worst case scenario (when individual keys start flying across the room) is that you're not out as much money as you would have been if you'd gone with a higher-end model! :D

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Post by samhouston1111 » 11-09-18 4:36 pm

Thank you for the response.

I'll take your advice and see what happens.

P.S. congrats on a really cool software program!

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Post by ryanbryandyin » 11-19-18 1:34 am

Do you want a MIDI keyboard or a piano? In other words, do you want to hook it up to a computer and have it play any sound you want, or do you want it to play inbuilt sounds?

The former might be more tricky technically to set up (though you can get a free copy of Ableton Lite and some Kontakt VST sounds) but in my experience, you get more mileage out of it. Children love the often weird, quirky and downright strange sounds you can make with a decent software synth + MIDI keyboard combo.

Another advantage with MIDI keyboards is that they generally use synth action keys. The good ones, like Akai or Roland, are fairly durable. And their action is a lot lighter than the semi-weighted or weighted keys you find on a Yamaha. The lower cost is an added bonus of course.

Not sure about the light up feature. The only keyboards I've seen with that feature are just toys. If you're trying to distract your toddler, that's fine, but not ideal for anything more serious.

I'm currently trying to get my niece (she's 3) to understand note sounds in an attempt to get her perfect pitch. I'm using an Akai LKP25 keyboard which is tiny enough for her fingers.

If you're going the MIDI keyboard path, here's a good guide

I suggest getting something from Akai. Never met a musician who complained about their build quality. The Mini Play should be particularly interesting for you: ... -mini-play

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