How do I share my original compositions

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The Piano Mama
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Post by The Piano Mama » 07-26-19 7:09 pm


I'm new here. I just added one of my original compositions. How do I share it within synthesia as well as to youtube.

Thanks. I appreciate any guidance.

the Piano Mama

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Post by st5555 » 07-26-19 7:50 pm

When posting a message, scroll all the way to the bottom and select the tab labeled "Attachments".
No idea about YouTube, never posted a video there.

The Piano Mama
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Post by The Piano Mama » 07-26-19 11:50 pm

I'm new to synthesia so please forgive my ignorance. How do I get my piece in the library so others can find it. Thanks ;)

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Post by st5555 » 07-27-19 6:15 pm

I've been waiting for someone with more expertise to answer. But...

If you are referring to your personal library within Synthesia, go to Settings/Songs and click on the plus mark next to the Help button. From there point it to wherever you song/songs are and they'll be included in your song list. You'll have to close and restart Synthesia for it to search the new location.

There is no library of songs on this web site (though it might be nice) where we can share. The only songs I know of here are in the Songs/Music Store section where you can download them for a modest price.

I hope I've helped a little, if not we should wait for the real experts here to solve this dilemma for you.

If you do post your song somewhere, let me know, I'd love to hear it.

Good luck!

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Post by jimhenry » 07-27-19 7:11 pm

You can share original compositions in the "MIDI Club" area of this Forum.
Jim Henry
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The Piano Mama
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Post by The Piano Mama » 07-31-19 12:49 pm

Now my original song isn't there and I can't even find it when I try to add the MIDI file again. It's on my computer, but it isn't seen when I go to add it again on synthesia. :?: Anyone encounter this before?


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Post by Nicholas » 08-05-19 3:51 pm

Double-check that your search box is empty. (It's more of a "filter" box than "search", so there is a tendency to accidentally hide things.)

If you choose the orange "All Songs (one big list)" option from the top level of the song list and then type its name in the search box, does that reveal it?

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