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Posted: 09-06-19 8:18 am
by Iceman
Hello there!
I am a new synthesia-user and i already installed it with my piano, everything works fine. now i have a big question. i already saw, that there is a way to stop the performance when i play the wrong note, but is there a way, that allows me to play everything correct, it doesnt matter which key i press? for example: when i want to play a piece and i have to press 5 keys for a chord i can play 5 random notes (or even more) and the piece continues anyway with the correct chord? the goal is to feel like a pianist, without skills. i hope anybody can help me.

Posted: 09-06-19 2:46 pm
by Nicholas
We've discussed a "Rhythm-only" mode in the past where so long as you struck any key at the correct time, it would count as playing all of the notes at that time correctly. I haven't had a chance to add that feature yet though, unfortunately.

Posted: 09-06-19 4:25 pm
by Iceman
Thanks for your fast reply! :) So, this is exactly what i am looking for, can you tell me when this mode will be available? That would be so awesome.

Posted: 09-10-19 2:11 am
by Nicholas
Hmm, looking at the list, I'm afraid it doesn't look like it ever made it past the discussion stage.

At this point, there is a tremendous amount of work ahead of anyplace I might be able to slot this in. So the worse news is that we probably won't be able to add this feature any time soon. I'm sorry!