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Midis controler

Posted: 09-08-19 4:11 am
by Rbreaker805
Really eager to give synthesia a go!!!

Can I use a controller like this

Re: Midis controler

Posted: 09-08-19 7:03 pm
by Nicholas
That one will work, but like the advice on this page (first red, "beware" heading), you might find that you outgrow 32 keys almost immediately. There are very few (almost no) songs that you can play with both hands when you have that few keys.

Re: Midis controler

Posted: 09-09-19 11:02 am
by J. Baker
The Yamaha NP-12 is a pretty good keyboard. I enjoy it with Synthesia. ;)

Re: Midis controler

Posted: 09-19-19 8:54 am
by bestazy
I love my Keystation 88! I use that one for a couple of bands, and have a nicer digital piano for home piano practice. Having the volume, modulator, and pitch adjuster on the keyboard has been great in performance. And I don’t feel bad hauling it around in my gig bag because it’s not crazy expensive.