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e-ink screens friendly ?

Posted: 10-07-19 4:32 pm
by mahen
Hi Nicholas !

OMG, I'm back after so many years :-) I actually gave up on learning the piano but...

Due to HUGE eye-strain issues I'm about to get an HDMI E-ink screen (cf. ... ight-touch) ; which means : grayscales, low responsiveness, small size. But, OMG, no more eyestrain !

Do you think Synthesia could be tweaked to use custom colours to make it more readable on such a screen ?

Also... Well... That's awkward to ask but... As you apparently kinda rewrote a log of stuff for the upcoming Synthesia version... Would a Linux port be possible ? :-) It's made strides in the past years. (for instance, thousands of Steam games now support Linux, that's crazy !)

Cheers & happy to see you're still developing !!
Take care.

Re: e-ink screens friendly ?

Posted: 10-08-19 2:30 am
by Nicholas
Long time, no see! Five years is a while. Welcome back!

I've never seen an eInk display with such a high refresh rate. That would be perfect for Synthesia's sheet music display. ;) (I usually combat my own eye strain with an IPS monitor (vs. TN) and scaling text up as far as necessary.)

The idea of a Linux port did come up a few months ago, but I feel like I'd need to tackle most of the other embarrassments listed there first.

Re: e-ink screens friendly ?

Posted: 10-30-19 12:18 pm
by mahen
Hi Nicholas,

thanks for your reply ! I'm really happy to see all the progress that has been made to Synthesia ! It's become a joy to use to with the muuuuuch improved sheet music display ! In the past I never had a proper setup to use it (too big piano, too far from the computer etc.) ; now I have a MIDI keyboard on my desk, that's much simpler).

I'll let you know how the Dasung e-ink monitor handles the Synthesia use case. I cannot wait. I've been training a lot and my eyes hurt so much. 30 years of CRT then LCD monitor several hours a day :-/ Also my daughter enjoys it too.

As for the potential long-term possibility for a Linux port, that's cool it's being considered ! Once in a while, our elite Linux porter Ryan C Gordon ports something "for free" (being paid by Patreon supporters). If enough Linux users could suggest him Synthesia...

Best regards,
keep up the great work !

Re: e-ink screens friendly ?

Posted: 10-30-19 2:07 pm
by st5555
When I clicked on the link, the first thing I saw was $250,000. I thought that might be a bit out of my price range! But then realized it was donations.

If I ever suffer from eye strain, I'll know where to look.

Thanks for the info.

Re: e-ink screens friendly ?

Posted: 10-30-19 2:31 pm
by mahen
You're welcome. This is still a "niche" product actually. Have to purchase it directly from China, and it takes several months to dispatch. But it seems to be a serious company.

Hopefully those will get more common in the following years... I'm surprised there is not more focus on this kind of technologies. Billions of people are ruining their eyes on regular screens :-/