English key+note names are "Unknown"

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Post by kamborambo » 07-17-11 4:21 am

As per title. Everything else works correctly but the keys on the keyboard and falling notes are labelled "Unknown" for my "Maple Leaf Rag" midi. I can play through the entire song just fine so theres no question it picks up the correct notes. The names in that song used to come up fine a few months ago until i updated synthesia recently. Attached is the midi file. When I attempt to screenshot, it takes a screen of my desktop instead (in either DX9 or OpenGL mode).

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Post by Nicholas » 07-21-11 11:16 am

Strange: that song really does contain invalid time-signature events. One old MIDI editor I use simply decided to throw them away. Another MIDI utility I used on it actually crashed!

Still, seeing "Unknown" isn't very friendly. Try out the dev preview I just posted and it should be fixed. :D

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