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Postby DavidH » 03-20-17 1:26 pm

I have found discussions for scoring and how statistics are stored in the SCORES.XML file. There is one value: total-notes-user-pressed that is not displayed in the game (or I am not finding it). Would it be possible to display this in the "Points Earned" section? Even though the values in this field is not used as part of the score, it would be beneficial in helping understand how well the song is played.

My daughter was playing chopsticks and was hitting the keys as fast as possible so hit way more keys than she should have. The game showed zero errors so she did not accept when I told her she made mistakes. At the time, I was not aware of SCORES.XML.

I just tested this and my SCORES.XML shows:

<Stats version="2" notes-user-could-have-played="45" notes-user-actually-played="42" stray-notes="2" total-notes-user-pressed="146" longest-combo="18" speed-integral="2250" score="5327" user-held-time="8700000" possible-held-time="13500000" summed-held-time="13500000" in-practice-mode="0" date-time="2017-Mar-20 16:46:37" />

We see I hit 146 notes but only strayed twice. The game shows I make 2 errors.

To keep the screen clean, maybe you do not want to add additional columns but how about adding an additional screen that shows when the score is clicked on which would show all the statistics in the SCORES.XML?

I am new to using Synthesia. It is AWESOME! Thank you so much for making it and maintaining it. This game reminds me of the 1982 Intellivision game Melody Blaster which I was playing before finding Synthesia.
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Postby Nicholas » 03-20-17 3:50 pm

I hadn't ever heard of Melody Blaster before. That's the new record-holder for "earliest falling note thing that predates Synthesia". Neat!

Regarding "total-notes-user-pressed", a long time ago this used to be involved in the Melody Practice scoring calculation. Back in 2014 some changes were made to the way mistakes were tracked in melody practice. This video (at 1:20) shows how total-notes-user-pressed was removed from the scoring algorithm.

At this point, that value in scores.xml is vestigial. I just checked in the code and it isn't used for anything anymore. Until your request just now, I would have probably removed it. Now I'm on the fence.

Like I argued in the video, striking a correct note a second time is certainly less of a mistake than striking a completely unrelated key. How much less, it'd be hard to say, but I still think it's not worth counting as an error. Synthesia has a long way to go before it would be able to make good suggestions about playing technique. (At a minimum it'd need a depth camera pointed at your hands to watch how you played.) And this feels a bit like critiquing technique more than it does registering mistakes. Hmm. Now I'm not sure.
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Postby DavidH » 03-21-17 8:49 am

Thank you for the response Nicholas! And again, THANK YOU for the game! The best part of having your game is my daughter is having fun playing the piano! She was not enjoying Melody Blaster much.

I completely understand how defining what should be counted for the score is a challenge and that everyone would probably disagree with some aspect of it. This is why I asking for a statistics page which could help people from a training/learning perspective and not a scoring perspective. I use scoring to say "I won" (yes, I compete against my daughter). I would use the statistics to help point out where the song was not "perfectly" played.
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Postby Nicholas » 03-23-17 1:37 pm

The upcoming Synthesia 11 release is focusing on improving the sheet music display.

After that, Synthesia 12 will be completely revamping the way song progress is tracked. Instead of trying to ascribe a single number to a performance, it will keep track of things on a per-measure basis, be able to show the sections of the song where you're still having the most trouble, and generally be a lot more thorough in its approach. This sounds like it may be close to what you're looking for. If so, the good news is that it's not just going to be a half-hearted, bolted-on feature, but a major upheaval to the app resulting in something (hopefully!) better for serious users that use Synthesia as a daily practice tool.
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