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Postby marhyno » 06-18-17 3:22 pm

Hi there, I would like to ask for this option in our beloved software.
When I am learning any song I can only see part of the song, so when I want to learn something I have to stop and rewind video to memorize the keys.

It would be really helpful if there would be an option to display whole song at one, or download it as PDF or something like that.
Seeing whole song will prepare me and my arms where to put them on the keyboard.

Thank you in advance.
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Postby eFse7en » 06-18-17 4:30 pm

I would also like to see an option to see how the song looks on max zoomout - this is a nice idea. Maybe display temporarily vertical picture of entire song when it's being scrolled and/or allow displaying it permanently.

Anyway as for now you could use the PgDn & PgUp keys to stretch or shrink falling notes to see them more upfront. If you have an extra key you can use on your instrument, you can bind a pause key, so you can quickly hold the song during rhythm practice if something surprises you.
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Postby Nicholas » 06-24-17 12:06 am

With the falling note / piano roll style of music it's a bit tricky to display a lot of time at once. If a song is only 20 seconds, it might work. But imagine a nice ten minute long movement of some classical piece and how distorted/small the notes would have to be to show the whole thing. Showing that ten minute song on a 1080p screen would make each beat (at 120 bpm) almost exactly one pixel tall.

This is one of the places where falling notes have to defer to sheet music. I like to think of sheet music as a form of compression designed to fit as much musical information onto a piece of paper as possible. One good example is Arabesque. At its most-squashed in Synthesia, it's still about five screens of music. But the PDF sheet music version in that same forum post fits on a single page.
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