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Postby Nutik » 07-24-17 2:21 am

Hi, I don't have a keyboard, but I have a touchscreen monitor which I noticed works for playing songs. It'd be nice to have an option to disable the 18 key limit of the keyboard with touchscreen capabilities.
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Postby Nicholas » 07-24-17 2:43 am

Hold your Shift key while launching Synthesia, find the "System.TouchscreenMode" setting and add a check to the box. :D
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Postby wacher » 09-03-17 6:08 pm

- I don't have a keyboard
- Hold your Shift key
I have a tablet not really user friendly sometimes... I manage my Synthesia via TeamViewer.
It would be great some bigger icons (especially for prev, pause, play, next buttons), wider scrollbar, etc.
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Postby Nicholas » 09-03-17 11:55 pm

You can access the configuration window by launching Synthesia with command-line arguments:

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Synthesia.exe --on-startup Configuration

(You could place that in a batch file so it could be accessed without a keyboard at all.)

Once you're in the configuration window, find the "Graphics.ScaleOverride" option and change it to either 1.5 or 2 to make the interface, icons, and buttons larger.
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