Sheet music generation based on midi tracks NOT on splitting the staff on middle C

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Piotr Barcz
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This is more of a buggy thing but it's obviously not a bug since it's still present. Synthesia generates some pretty ok looking sheet music (nothing spectacular but you can sort of get the idea of what you're playing) but IT SPLITS THE STAFF ON MIDDLE C.

Why, may i ask, has this not be designed to just split the notes into the staffs by just using the midi tracks like every other sheet music generator? If this is too difficult then don't sweat it (I don't even read sheet music so i don't know why I'm ranting on this).
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(Note the extra large text in the pink box at the top of the page.) ;)

This is one of the longest-running complaints (from users of the sheet music) and will be fixed when the rest of the information coming in from MusicXML files is rolled into our sheet music generator.
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