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Free Play Metronome

Posted: 02-11-20 8:41 am
by adrianr12
Could you please add the same click sounding metronone to free play as is in the Song play metronome. I think adding 3/4 and 4/4 would be enough.

Windows 10
Ver 10.6.5383


Re: Free Play Metronome

Posted: 02-11-20 2:04 pm
by Nicholas
You would prefer a simple click metronome to the various beat "styles" that are already available there?

Re: Free Play Metronome

Posted: 02-12-20 6:41 am
by adrianr12
I can see that having a rhythm accompaniment would be desirable for some as it is a common feature on organs.
I suggested adding two extra click beats( 3/4 and 4/4/) to the existing list of sequences as it seems a simple solution and keeps the existing functionality. First beat emphasis would be a nice to have, but not a necessity.

Ideally the existing song play metronome function would be added to free play using the metronome icon, and the rhythm function given a new icon, say a drum. I can see this would be complicated as the existing metronome derives its measure from the score. So this would require more development than could be justified for the functionality.

Re: Free Play Metronome

Posted: 02-13-20 2:56 pm
by Nicholas
You're right: adding a couple new "styles" to the list that are just simple metronome ticks is probably the most expedient solution.

This is a bit of a coincidence: I've been working on a new, simple recording feature for the Free Play screen. When you press the new record button, most of the other controls (including style selection) are hidden until you stop recording... but during the recording session, it plays a simple metronome click track. :lol: