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Post by manishp » 04-04-20 2:54 am


When I practice rhythm, I see a very quick subjective and score feedback from Synthesia. But what is missing is the benchmark as well as exactly what I have done wrong or where should I improve?

For example, I get to see feedback like 'Barely OK, Good, Perfect' etc., but have no clue regarding the benchmark it is getting compared with. Another helpful tip could be as to what I have to do to move from good to perfect or why my playing was barely ok or good etc? The same goes for score. I do not know what can be the max score when I play. But if Synthesia is able to give feedback and scores, then I guess it should also be somewhere having the whys of feedback and max score possible.

Is it possible to show such details somewhere?


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Post by Nicholas » 04-28-20 5:20 am

The intent (eventually, in Synthesia 12) is to record every one of your performances so you can review it afterward and see where things were early or late. That review area will be the place for that type of information.

I hesitate to mention Synthesia 12 though, since it could [url=viewtopic.php?f=9&t=9972]be a while[/ur]. :?

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