Automatic update of midi files between our devices

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Post by Gregor » 04-28-20 5:19 pm

Hello ! if possible in the future, I think it would be interesting for the Midi files that we add to our Synthesia library, it will be automatically updated between our devices (PC, tablet, mobile)
Example of use:
- In the PC we create and modify our MIDIS, these would be sent to our tablet or telephone automatically through the network (data, Wifi) to use them in our piano or musical keyboard.

note: It would be very interesting to also update the metadata of our fingerings created.

A cordial greeting to the team! ;)

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Post by thiagolr » 04-28-20 10:33 pm

I support this idea, it would be awesome!

Another possibility would be to add a network share as a song folder, I think this would be enough for most use cases.

At the moment I'm sending the songs/metadata via WhatsApp to myself and I added the WhatsApp Documents folder as a synthesia folder.

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