Show chords in text form when playing songs in Synthesia

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Post by Gregor » 05-01-20 6:45 am

Hello ! I've been doing some tests with cubase, it's about entering marker tracks showing the name of the chords that appear in the song. The resulting MIDI file I load in Synthesia, when playing it shows me at the bottom of the screen the name of the chord that belongs to the note group. In my case I find it very useful to know the placement of my left hand quickly.
Would it be possible in the future to be able to do this directly in Synthesia? (place text tags) Thank you!

Small video sample:
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Post by jimhenry » 05-01-20 11:26 am

Would it be possible to use the chord recognition processing used in free play to label upcoming chords in the falling note display? Maybe also to add chord symbols to sheet display of MIDI files?
Jim Henry
Author of the Miditzer, a free virtual theatre pipe organ

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