Please let Synthesia play notes with the screen off!

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Post by Slash0mega » 05-02-20 9:15 pm

So i tried a few apps that could work as a soundfont based synth on my android phone, but they all crashed when receiving a midi event or just had bad latancy... other than synthesia, it works wonderfully.

i would like to request that synthesia keeps playing notes with the screen off so i can use it with my midi controllers to just play soundfonts and save a bit of battery.

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Post by Nicholas » 07-19-20 6:06 am

This seems like a mediocre fit for Synthesia. Adding these sorts of things start to turn it into a jack-of-all-trades that isn't very good at any one thing. For example: once you can run it in the background, it would be very convenient to have a playlist feature which Synthesia is also missing.

I'd sooner make a separate, tiny stand-alone app with exactly the right features for a background music player. Then, it could do even more to save battery life like rendering the entire song quickly and then just doling out bits of PCM to the audio system in a very low power state.

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