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Post by fosco » 05-31-20 4:46 pm

I would like some features enough that I would pay for your development time.

1. I want a setting to hide the keys. For my use case, dragging them down every song is not an option.

2. I want some way to launch Synthesia in a performance mode, where it just plays a folder of midis, or a provided list, or however it is implemented. preferably, it would also hide the top ui. (Windows user)

I'll add a pic/vid of my use case, had shared something once before.

Love Synthesia, thanks for your consideration.

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Post by fosco » 05-31-20 7:19 pm

Here's the piano with a new led strip, with an angled shield to cover the led source..

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Post by Nicholas » 08-04-20 11:23 pm

Hmm, the dragged keyboard position should be remembered automatically for every song. Which version of Synthesia are you using?

Otherwise, the right-click shortcut in Windows explorer to "View in Synthesia" launches the app directly in "Watch and Listen Only" mode. You can achieve the same via command line options (to jump into any mode, even). With the use of a batch file or shell script, you could have it run through each song in folder. Try "Synthesia.exe --help" from the command line.

To hide the vast majority of the top bar, disable Settings --> Gameplay --> Menu Bar.

And to hide the window frame, press Alt-Enter to switch to full-screen mode.

That setup with the giant monitor (TV?) above the keys is awesome. :D

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Post by fosco » 08-09-20 4:50 pm

Oh wow, this is great to hear! I'll make sure I update to the latest version and check out the command line options. Thanks!

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