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Synthesia in music teaching

Posted: 06-05-20 3:14 am
by Jürg
It would be ingenious if Synthesia could break away somewhat from its focus on keyboard instruments and also offer an approach to elementary music theory. There is so much already in this program and the adjustments (especially to the colors) would offer a wide field for learning music. I currently see two important areas where Synthesia could play a role: the tonic-sol-fa method the Boomwhackers This would expand the market and the distribution of Synthesia incredibly and the adaptations would probably be marginal, since much is already implemented and only the colors would need to be adapted.

Re: Synthesia in music teaching

Posted: 09-06-20 1:14 am
by Nicholas
Now that a patent on assigning colors to pitches (I know) has expired several years ago, Synthesia should be in the clear to do pitch-based colors like Boomwhackers. I've actually heard requests for that particular color scheme several times (and a couple more for Figurenotes'), so they seems to be a popular enough.

The plan is to get pitch-based colors in sometime during the lead-up to the Synthesia 11 release (during one of the smaller 10.x updates). Right now it's on line 691 of the task list.