Show names of chords being played in 'Play a Song' mode

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Post by paronym » 06-24-20 8:48 am

It would be nice if the names of the chords being played were also shown in the 'Play a Song' mode (i.e. just like in 'Free Play' mode). Especially for when I'm just watching a song being played, it would be useful for me to see the chord names as they're played.

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Post by thiagolr » 06-25-20 3:05 pm

I agree, this would be a nice addition!

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Post by Nicholas » 09-06-20 11:36 pm

Please pardon the three month delay! (I've nearly—finally—caught up.)

I do have a "Falling chord names in the song view?" line in the task list, but I'm afraid to say it's all the way down on line 1729 right now, which means it'll be sometime after Synthesia 11.

It's an interesting idea, though I consider it more of a research project. The idea of false positives worries me: where it reports the wrong chord name because of some interesting bit of movement in one of the hands. The app would need some way to determine what actually counts as a "chord". (Is it 3+ notes with the exact same onset time? I can think of a half dozen reasons why that wouldn't be enough in some cases and too much in others. So it's a tricky problem.)

To get around all of those problems, I was considering leaving it up to the user and adding something closer to a general-purpose annotation system where you could leave yourself little (Post-It?) notes that would also fall with the note blocks. To meet in the middle, maybe when you go to add a new annotation, Synthesia could do a quick check of the notes near your cursor and suggest a chord name? That would make going through the song and quickly annotating things fairly painless.

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