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See this?
It would be a big favor if you could add a dedicated home page to the CDN. This page would have a navigation bar on the left side of it, so you could get to what you needed. I created an example for what the navigation bar would say. (V means it's a scroll down menu)

Introduction v
Navigating the CDN
Get to CDN files only through a link

Files v
Website accessible files/versions v
Synthesia 10.6
Synthesia 10.5
Synthesia 10.4
Synthesia 10.3
Synthesia 10.2
Synthesia 10.1
Synthesia 10.0
Synthesia 9

Website inaccessible files/versions v
Synthesia 0.8.6
Synthesia 0.8.5
Synthesia 0.8.4
Synthesia 0.8.3
Synthesia 0.8.2
Synthesia 0.8.1
Synthesia 0.8.0
Synthesia 0.7.5
Synthesia 0.7.4
Synthesia 0.7.3
Synthesia 0.7.2
Synthesia 0.7.1
Synthesia 0.7.0
Synthesia 0.6.5
Synthesia 0.6.4
Synthesia 0.6.3
Synthesia 0.6.2
Synthesia 0.6.1
Synthesia 0.6.0

0.5.1 through 0.4.0 are not accessible through the CDN because they were removed during the Cease and desist letter incident.

Extras (readme.txt, license.txt, SynthesiaConfig.exe) v
readme.txt v
Versions of readme.txt go here
license.txt v
Versions of license.txt go here
privacy.txt v
Versions of privacy.txt go here
SynthesiaConfig.exe v
Versions of SynthesiaConfig.exe go here

This is the best template I could think of. Hopefully this post gets noticed.
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Post by Nicholas »

The CDN is just a place to put files that the main site (or forums or Synthesia client) can request to retrieve them. It's mirrored and distributed globally so that download speeds/latency are better. It's not really a separate feature. The download list is accessible via the downloads page (which I'm considering adding the older versions to). The colors/ui/language.xml files are available via the modding subforum, etc.

If it weren't linked someplace else, it wouldn't be on the CDN, so the CDN doesn't need its own index. ;)
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Post by Anonymous997 »

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Post by Anonymous997 »

Nicholas wrote: 07-06-20 2:09 pm ...downloads page (which I'm considering adding the older versions to)...
Hey, have you considered that yet?
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Post by Nicholas »

When 10.7 goes out the door (soon'ish), I'll be doing a little bit of website work to make adding new versions in the future a little easier. It will coincidentally make adding the older versions easier, too. So I might put a few more of them there.

I'll probably only go back to 0.8.3 since that was when I first started digitally signing the binaries. Any earlier than that and Windows starts to give you a hard time about running unsigned apps.
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Post by Anonymous997 »

Yeah, I agree about the code-signing thing. Also, I think 0.8.3 is stable enough to be put on the website.
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