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Blinking leylights

Posted: 07-07-20 10:50 am
by Mte90
I have a casio lk-250 that has the support to learn with keylights with the built-in songs.
The behavior is different from synthesia, for me the problem is that the key are not blinking before their turn.

I mean when is time to to press a key, they are not blinking so I have to follow the monitor, instead I want to follow my fingers looking the keyboard itself.
In this way the blinking is very handy.

Re: Blinking leylights

Posted: 09-07-20 1:08 am
by Nicholas
(I'm very sorry for the wait on this!)

Have you enabled "Proprietary 2" key lights in the Settings screen (after choosing your LK-S250 from the "Music Output" list)? We had to reverse engineer Casio's new light communication scheme for the S250, but they should hopefully work.