Scan MIDI files manually and allow duplicate files

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Scan MIDI files manually and allow duplicate files

Post by min945 »

I have more than 10,000 MIDI files, placed in multiple folders by different classification criteria. I now have two problems:

1. The APP rescans the MIDI file every time it starts, which makes it take me a long time to use. Can you add an option to let me decide whether to use auto-scan or manual scan? This way I only need to manually scan these files once they have been changed. The results of the scan are saved and the next time the APP is launched, the last scan results are used directly.

2. I may copy the same MIDI file to a different folder so that I can find it using multiple classification methods. But the APP excluded duplicate files, which did not meet my needs. Can you add an option to decide whether to exclude duplicate files?

Thank you!
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Re: Scan MIDI files manually and allow duplicate files

Post by Nicholas »

This is going to get better soon. Not detecting changes while the app is running is one of the embarrassments. That 10,000 files takes longer than a single second is the next item in the same list. It shouldn't require a choice to scan at startup because that scan should be instantaneous and not get in anyone's way.

The duplicate-removal thing is just going to go away completely. It has only been a source of confusion for users and a "feature" that adds complexity to the code.
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